_ Agnieszka Brzezanska _

tunnel like a tail

18th Nov–12th Dec 2006

Untitled, 2006
Acrylic on canvas, 116 x 89 cm

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A solo exhibition of new work by Polish artist Agnieska Brzezanska, ‘Tunnel Like a Tail’ takes its title from a phrase in the work of Polish poet Miron Bialoszewski, who’s words have often given resonance to the artist’s ideas, and which was previously the title of a painting by Brzezanska that was a starting point for this body of work.

Through a series of 10 photographs, and 5 paintings Brzezanska captures and explores the inscrutable phenomenon of “orbs” – the typically circular anomalies appearing in photographs. In each medium Brzezanska presents compositionally enigmatic, partially abstract imagery that evokes a feeling of the metaphysical, mirroring the theorists that see the photographic phenomenon of orbs as evidence of the paranormal. Brzezanska is drawn to these accidents because of their mood of intangibility, that they are potentially images of subjects that actually don’t exist.

Influential to her practice also, (and the basis for a series of images as homage to be published in Modern Painters, December 2006) is the work of Swiss healer, researcher and artist Emma Kunz who lived from 1892 to 1963. She used strictly geometric principles (and sometimes a divining pendulum) to come up with geographic, centric imagery on graph paper, which she described as, “shape and form expressed as measurement, rhythm, symbol and transformation of figure and principle”, and regarded each as useful to represent questions about mental relationships, though no drawing comes with direct explanation. Brzezanska is interested in making works that strives to present indefinable and elusive ideas with an ordered (and beautiful) simplicity.

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